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Every project is a different size and all of them are important! At Gone For Good, we are pleased to offer different options that meet most people's needs.

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How Much "Stuff" Can We Fit in a Truck?

Our packing experts at Gone For Good can help you estimate how much space you may need on a job, and are even insured to come into the home and remove it for you!
This video outlines a little of what the process of loading the truck looks like- as well as how our expert crew can take an estimated Full Load Box Truck into a 1/2 Full Load with with some creative packing.

Introductory Pricing Available!


Product/Service Description Cubic Feet Standard
16' Box Truck - Full Load

16' Full Truckload

900 $750.00
16' Box Truck - 3/4 Full

3/4 16' Full Truckload

675 $650.00
16' Box Truck - 1/2 Full

16' Half Truckload

450 $550.00
16' Box Truck - 1/4 Full

16' Quarter Truckload

225 $400.00
Product/Service Description Standard
Condo or Apartment Fee Apartments create extra labor which equals extra time to complete the job. $50 - $125

Travel Fee Travel fee outside the service area $1.80/mile
Ferry Fee Ferry fee to islands where required Call on pricing
Tire Recycle Per tire recycle fee $5.00
Additional Labor Disassembling, extra stairs, packing, sorting, moving, crawl spaces and garage rafters $75.00/ hr

We will provide you a firm price before service is started.
*Other fees may apply for locations outside of the service area, apartments, condos, garage rafters, crawl spaces, disassembling furniture or large items, extra stairs and moving items to a new location. Please contact us for more detailed pricing information.

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